Paradise is 3 hours away
Please Join Us...
Pyrula came to us by mistake, or fatefully as some might say. We wandered by while looking for something else. It seemed to scream to us............
This house is the perfect confluence of fun, civility and family/friend entertainment. 500 yards from the sweetest beach in the US and on the Island that many consider to be the best neighborhood in the world.
Bike rides are very recommended and we have a stable of bikes to chose from. A ping pong table adorns the basement along with an extra fridge and of course.............. the Tiki bar. The pool is shaded so never gets warmer than refreshing and there isn't much reason to leave the back of the house unless you want to go to the beach.
Located on the 9th fairway of Beachview Country Club and at the end of one of Sanibel Island's nicest streets this 4 bedroom home is as nice as it gets. The central/family/living/everything room is lounge worthy or entertainment savvy. A 60" HD TV system with home theater DVD player makes it easy to rest at the end of a sun fun day.
Bottom line, Pyrula is a dream come true. Check with us today for availabilty. We use it 6-8 weeks ayear so it is generally available.

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